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I’ve had many websites since 1993. One was the Parkinson’s Disease Information Center. It was featured in a textbook and the site is still listed on WorldCat. Others have ranged in topics and focus from bettering society and activism to outright silliness.

Check out my business, mozu|tech.

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Jeffrey S. Kaye is committed to helping people more effectively use technologies which are more private, secure, and humane.

As CEO and Principal Consultant of mozu|tech he helps businesses and families achieve greater privacy and security awareness. Jeffrey has guided medical practices, financial services companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies as they seek to exceed compliance baselines through adopting privacy and security best practices.

Warning: performer bios generally consist of flexes and of purposeful name dropping.

Kaye also performs as a percussionist and timpanist. He has recently performed with Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Oregon Symphony, Vancouver Symphony, and Big Horn Brass. Other appearances include Oregon Repertory Singers, Portland Symphonic Choir, Oregon Festival of American Music, Sunriver Music Festival, Cascade Festival of Music, Oregon Stravinsky Players, Oregon Mozart Players, Eugene Symphony, Eugene Opera, Eugene Ballet, Eugene Concert Choir, and many more. He studied with with Charles Dowd, Michael Clark, Jeffrey Peyton, Kevin Super; master classes with cellist Yo Yo Ma, pianist Lorin Hollander, and percussionists Niel DePonte, Steve Smith, Peter Erskine, Mel Brown, Obo Addy, Gary Hobbs, and others.

Conducting instructors and mentors include Wayne Bennett, Lawrence Leighton Smith, Robert Ponto, Francis Graffeo, James DePriest, Murray Sidlin, Frank Diliberto, Norman Leyden, Anthony Elliott, Paul-Elliott Cobbs, and Vilem Sokol.

He participates in The Moth’s storytelling battles, returning home to his poetic wife and their brilliant daughters.

Jeffrey’s storyteller bio

Jeffrey works in technology by day and as professional percussionist (pugilist of drums) by night. He has survived many ordeals. His mechanic stole his car, the Eugene Police held him at gunpoint until he showed them his cookies, and a Czechoslovakian border guard with a sub-machine gun once demanded to see what he was playing on his AM/FM/cassette Walkman. Periodically, Jeffrey participates in storytelling battles, only to return home to his poetic wife and their brilliant daughters.