Welcome! Please feel free to look around. Who knows what might appear here between now and your next visit? Let’s grab a cup of coffee and see what’s next.

I’ve had many websites since 1993. One was the Parkinson’s Disease Information Center. It was featured in a textbook and the site is still listed on WorldCat. Others have ranged in topics and focus from bettering society and activism to outright silliness.

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Do what you love!

Do you ever use a website creator, like WordPress, install a theme that you like, and then wonder WTF the theme creator was thinking? Yeah, I’m not sure about this section. What happens if I delete it? Maybe I can find a new purpose for it tomorrow…or maybe not. Whatever…do what you love even if you don’t understand it. Just try your best not to hurt anyone.


Jeffrey works in technology by day and as professional percussionist (pugilist of drums) by night. He has survived many ordeals. His mechanic stole his car, the Eugene Police held him at gunpoint until he showed them his cookies, and a Czechoslovakian border guard with a submachine gun once demanded to see what he was playing on his AM/FM/cassette Walkman. Once a month, Jeffrey participates in storytelling battles, only to return home to his poetic wife and their brilliant daughters.